Boundaries by Design

To be boundaried is to know and feel yourself… clearly, powerfully and elegantly as separate from others. 

When we have solid boundaries we are able to be certain of what is ‘ours’ and what is not. We are able to live without the incessant impact of conditioning, be it mental, emotional, egoic or sexual, from others. 

In Human Design, the centres are the foundation of the bodygraph ~ which can be thought of as our personal user manual for how we are best designed to function. 

The centres show the areas of life where we are either receiving (undefined) or emitting (defined). Our Yin vs Yang aspects. 

The specific makeup of our defined and undefined centres give us a very accurate map for where our boundaries are going to be shaky, fragile and too easy to take on energies and pressures from others and the world. Or other areas of us where we are probably quite pushy, putting uncomfortable pressure on others and driving them away into reactive patterns (and sometimes away from us). 

Learning to understand ourselves, and others, through the centres is one of the secret keys to highly effective relating and relationships that thrive. 

The impact of centres, and the inherent pressure they put on each other, is especially essential for intimate relationships such as dating, partnerships, parenting, work, and best-friends. 

Anyone you spend a lot of time around will be impacting you, as you will them. 

Enmeshment and codependent patterns are one of the major issues, generally, in all kinds of relationships and… really… a big part of it starts here with a lack of healthy boundaries.

Knowing how you impact each other, developing your boundaries, and how to learn to simply, gracefully, and easefully be with each other… well, that’s priceless. 

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The major distinctions between defined and undefined centres

  • How the not-self is formed through conditioning

  • How you can easily and completely just let go of so much of your conditioning with a few simple techniques

  • Understanding the ways that others are pressing on you, and how to gracefully ‘get out of the way’ and the freedom it offers

  • The ways in which you are unconsciously pushing others away, and how to stop that so those you care about can feel more comfortable being close to you

  • The difference between containment and protection boundaries and how this applies to centres in Human Design

  • A thorough exploration of each of the 9 centres and boundaries

Root & drive pressure

Spleen & the immune system

Solar Plexus & emotionality 

Sacral & energy

Ego & self-esteem

G-centre & love, identity, direction

Throat & the voice

Ajna & mental processing

Head & mental pressure

Your Facilitators

Damien Bohler

Damien is a 4/1 Splenic Manifestor. He is an intimacy teacher, facilitator, coach and mentor who is passionate about the evolution of human consciousness on planet earth.

Fabrice Boulenger

Fabrice is a 4/6 Emotional Projector. He is a Human Design and Gene Keys teacher, mentor and guide with a keen and deep insight into the Human Design system and how it can unlock our greatest potentials.



  • This workshop is designed to explore boundaries and relationships through a Human Design framework and does not make any supposition about gender. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome

  • Deeper aspects of the Human Design BodyGraph like the gates and channels, will be given in a future workshop

  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced Human Design explorers are all welcome, as this workshop focuses on relationship rather than individual, there is something potentially unique to be learned by all

  • You will need to have your Human Design BodyGraph available before the workshop.